Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Policeman and a BOE Official Witness Voter Impersonation Scheme and Do Nothing!

Police and Board of Election (BOE) personnel witnessed voter impersonation on a large scale in yesterday’s New York elections.  Yet nothing will be done about it and no one outside a small city newspaper even care.

What appears to be an orchestrated pattern of voter fraud is being reported at a pivotal precinct in South Williamsburg. According to a Board of Elections poll worker and another poll watcher, groups of young Hasidic men attempted to enter the polling station at IS 71 and vote under the names of other citizens who have yet to vote. "They're signing signatures, but the ID they show doesn't match the signature on the forms. Yes, there's been some illegal stuff going on," BOE poll worker Antoinette Reaves said.

An NYPD officer standing outside IS 71 told us he had witnessed four men attempting to vote under the wrong name in the two hours he had been posted there.

The article labels the orchestrated pattern “brazen voting fraud” because many of the people attempting the fraud were obviously not even old enough to vote.  The article also discusses how a poll watcher had a difficult time even getting in the polling place as his “credentials” were questioned.

We see this all the time.  MSNCB’s Chris Matthews described how this is done all the time in Philadelphia.  Earlier this year a similar scheme was uncovered in Mount Vernon New York. 

But here is the bottom line.  Nothing is going to happen.

A spokesman for the Brooklyn DA’s office confirmed that they haven’t received any complaints of voter fraud referred from the BOE yet, . . . An NYPD spokesman confirmed that additional officers were sent to IS 71 earlier this evening to control a “large voting crowd,” but added that allegations of voting fraud weren’t under the department’s purview.

The NYPD can’t even do anything when they uncover vote fraud.  Imagine if this was the attitude toward other crimes.  Can you imagine if the NYPD said “We saw a robbery going on but we could not make any arrests?”  Only vote fraud gets treated this way. 

For those on the left who deny vote fraud and cite the lack of prosecutions, this is another great example of fraud.  Everyone knows it is happening, yet nothing is or will be done about it. 

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