Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another Vote Fraud Scheme the Left Will Ignore

While left is sure to ignore the vote fraud found in Mount Vernon, New York, the following facts remain that  “voters” who were dead, did not live in the area anymore, or never existed voted in 2012:  

·         In 2008, Derek Scott, of 315 S. Ninth Ave., died of colon cancer.  In 2012, he voted in the Mount Vernon school board election.  Asked what she thought of her son’s name turning up on the voter list, Scott’s mother said: “It shouldn't have appeared on it. I don’t know who could have signed his name.”

·         In District 4, voter 35 is listed as Michael Spruill, of 52 W. Fourth St. When a reporter visited that address, Joseph Camp, a retiree, answered the door and said Spruill, a cousin of his wife, was in the military and hadn’t lived in Mount Vernon for years, though he visits now and then. Referring to the name on the voter list, Camp said, “I don’t know who that Michael Spruill is.”

·         A “voter’s” residence is a city owned sports complex.

·         One of the candidates, Dyanan Jaikaran voted twice in the last election.  Jairkaran claims:  “It tells you that they were committing fraud,” he said. “I don’t know who, but somebody was.”

Of course, this fraud could be prevented by cleaning up voter rolls, which the left opposes even though it is the law, or by tools such as Voter ID. 

Thus the legitimate complaint of the “Concerned Citizens of Mount Vernon” will likely be ignored and vote fraud will continue:

The group said that it hopes to have an equitable election on May 21. A letter from the group said people were picked up in the Bronx before being transported to polling stations to use names that haven’t been utilized in years. Documents show voters who had phony addresses, duplicate names and at least one name was of a deceased person, the Journal News reported.

It is important to note this is NOT about an individual voter.  This is a scheme to steal elections.  Too bad the left does not care about the disenfranchisement of legitimate voters. 

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