Wednesday, May 8, 2013

When was the Last Time Liberals Opposed a Free Government Benefit?

North Carolina Democrat Ken Goodman joined with a number of Democrats to support Voter ID in North Carolina.  One of Rep. Goodman’s reasons for supporting ID is worth discussing further (emphasis mine):

“And now it’s almost impossible to function in society without a picture ID. You can’t buy Sudafed, you can’t cash checks – so this will benefit in ways we may not even be aware of at this point,” Goodman explained.

Why are Democrats and liberals opposed to having people “function in society?”  The benefits of obtaining ID are enormous, the downside is zero.  Depending on the state or location, you need ID to:

·         Apply for welfare

·         Apply for a federal job

·         Cash a check

·         Enter a Federal Building

·         Get married

·         Take the SAT

An ID is much more than a tool to drink or drive, it is a necessary part of receiving government benefits and being part of society.  The ultimate irony in all this is virtually all the Voter ID legislation provides for free ID.  In South Carolina, they even went  as far as to provide free rides to obtain ID.
Yet liberals oppose this giving of government benefits.  What could be more important than helping the poor and needy become a part of society?  The answer of course is preservation of their positions of power.

Kudos to Rep. Goodman for having the courage to do what is right for the people of North Carolina instead of the national Democrat Party. 

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