Friday, September 13, 2013

Do NY Democrats Care about Elder Abuse?

Update on another New York vote fraud situation.  In at least the third active vote fraud investigation currently ongoing in New York, we have received new details.  As always, this is not the only place we have heard of this sort of fraud: taking advantage of the elderly in nursing homes.  This all too common scheme involves a nursing home official voting for the elderly.

What makes the case of Fran Knapp so bad is she was also an election official and an employee of the “senior apartment complex”, thus able to work her fraudulent plan from both sides. 

Between March 1, 2011, and Aug. 15, 2011, a county Board of Elections employee changed the "agents" who received absentee ballots for 41 City of Poughkeepsie voters. The alleged action was done with Knapp's knowledge but without written permission from the voter required by state election law, according to the legal documents.

The unnamed person made the changes on a board computer with the user name and password of Knapp's sister, senior election specialist Jeanne Short, a Democrat.

Knapp is accused of having the "agent" take the ballots to voters at the Maplewood senior apartment complex in Poughkeepsie, where she moonlights as the property manager.

It is alleged voters were told to sign the envelope without apparently voting on the ballot.

Knapp allegedly was able to pull in absentee votes on behalf of Democratic candidates in the city and beyond.

Knapp faces a 94 count indictment.  What she does not face is any criticism from home state vote fraud deniers such as the supposedly non-partisan but actually a Democrat front  the New York based Brennan Center.  Nor have any leading New York Democrats called on her even to resign pending the upcoming of the case.

It certainly appears that Fran Knapp abused both her duty as an election official and her position as a property manager of a senior living facility but no one in the Democrat Party cares. 

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