Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank You Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz

Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz deserves a lot of credit for his work to root out vote fraud in Iowa.  Some results are shown on his homepage.  Of course critics attack him for even daring to suggest vote fraud is an issue but it is important to put those ludicrous arguments in context. 
1.  Some say that Schultz’s efforts to fight vote fraud are wrong as Iowa has a history as a “clean state.”  Of course our vote fraud page tells otherwise.  In fairness though, that may have been true for the distant past.  However, Iowa made the unfortunate switch to same day registration in 2007, an election system filled with fraud that has led to fraudulent results in nearby states of Wisconsin and Minnesota and more vote fraud in Iowa. 

One of the best ways to stop same day registration fraud is to have a real photo voter ID.  Some say that somehow such efforts by Secretary Schultz on behalf of voter ID are anti-Hispanic. Schultz has a personal record on that matter that caused him to responded as follows:

Schultz said he speaks Spanish fluently and is married to a Latina. He said he's spent time in Latin America, too, where the same kind of laws he's advocating here are already in place.

"Every Latin American country requires an ID to vote. How is that racist?" he asked. "Do you think they'd let us come and vote."

Of course Schultz is right very few countries in the world do not require ID to vote and nowhere else is the argument made that it is anti-minority.  The fact is the election systems of states like Iowa that allow same day Registration and oppose voter ID would not be accepted by any other country in the world.
Thank you to Secretary of State Schultz for your leadership. 

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