Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Was Another Democrat Member of Congress Elected with the help of Fraudulent Votes?

It seems likely that once again a Democrat member of Congress was a beneficiary of vote fraud.  A week ago:
Sonia Leticia Solis, 54, has been charged with voting more than once in connection with the 2012 primary runoff election held in Cameron County on July 31, 2012, United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today.
Although we do not know who Ms. Solis committed the fraud for, we do know she did this for an election that involved a  “US House of Representatives” runoff:
She is accused of using the “absentee ballots of Samuel Pedraza, Francisco Pedraza, Cynthia Pedraza, Dannie Vargas and Issic Guerra in the July 31, 2012, primary runoff election, which was held in part for the purpose of selecting candidates for the office of the United States House of Representatives,” the indictment states.
Runoffs can be very close elections, although Filemon Vela won this rather easily.  If this involves Rep. Vela, he will join Rep. Garcia as at least the second Democrat Member of the current freshman class of Congress elected in part with illegal votes/activities.  

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