Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Did a Vote Fraud Cheater Use His Own Address for Absentee Ballot Fraud?

More vote fraud ignored by the left has occurred in Houston.  What makes this different, and funny if it were not so serious, is the candidate who benefited listed one of the non-existent voters as living at his own address:

At issue are 124 absentee ballots in the district race. Of those, incumbent Amos Newsome received 119 votes while challenger Lamesa Danzey got the other five. While the investigation is underway, WDHN News is uncovering more potential voter fraud. Several absentee ballots were sent to an address where some people claim that have not lived in years.

We stopped by a home at 403 Lena Street looking for Katie G. Melton.  District Two City Commissioner Amos Newsome answered the door and told us Melton did not live at the home. Melton’s named is listed next to the Lena Street address on the city’s absentee ballot list.

According to reports a campaign worker for Newsome also coerced people into signing absentee ballots for Newsome.  This is not the only place in Houston with vote fraud issues according to the report, but it is the only one likely to be caught because of the outrageous nature of the fraud; fraud that incumbent Newsome should be made to pay a price for.

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