Monday, August 12, 2013

Fact to Fiction: 132,000

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach gave a great closing speech to the RNLA National Election Seminar on Saturday.  His speech made the case for Voter ID, making elections smoother and more efficient. 

If there was one highlight of his speech it was the number of people in Kansas that did not have or where not able to get an ID for the last election.  That number was two, that's right, two.  Kobach correctly countered this with the ultra-partisan Democrat front group Brennan Center’s old statistic of 11% nationwide not having ID.  That number is still bantered around.  The Brennan Center “study” of voter ID was really not a study, but a partisan effort to help Democratic party efforts at vote fraud.  Unfortunately, some still cite to it. 

Kobach did not attack Brennan Center or their dire partisan positions with hyperbole, but broke down what happened in Kansas.  An interesting point, Kobach wondered aloud why Brennan has not performed another study on ID now that there are Voter ID laws in effect.  According to the Brennan Center’s study there would be roughly a 132,000 people or 11%  of the 1.2 million who did not have an ID and tried to vote in Kansas.  In reality there were two.  Brennan Center can argue that Kansas is different, but still two out of 1.2 million is an infinitesimal percentage and nowhere near 11%.

Shame on the Brennan Center for continuing to put their allegiance to the Democratic party ahead of the truth.  Thank you to Secretary Kobach for standing up to those like Brennan.  While Secretary Kobach does not have millions of Soros dollars like Brennan Center to promote his agenda, he does have the truth on his side and is not afraid to speak it. 

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