Monday, May 13, 2013

Your Constitutional Rights are Guaranteed, but at What Cost?

With the recent attention to gun control in Congress, it goes without saying that Democrats have tried to force a correlation between voter ID and gun ownership.  Both voting and owning a gun were important to the founding of the United States, however while Democrats would like to say that having to show an ID to vote is equal to a poll tax, in reality it is just not the case.
Proponents of voter ID make the case time and again that vote fraud occurs.  Having non-citizens of the state, the dead, and multiple votes hurts the integrity of the electoral system and can be a tipping point in a close election.  With an ID one person votes one time.  It makes sense and with states going out of their way to offer a free ID the benefits truly outweigh any potential downside.
Democrats who support background checks for gun purchases will urge that IDs for voting are the same argument.  That is simply untrue. A background check is a lengthy process that every gun owner would have to be forced to go through, not in the least bit similar to obtaining an ID card that the majority of society already has.  It would not be free to obtain and would create a burden on gun owners who merely want to exercise their clearly defined Second Amendment right. If financial concerns are the reason Democrats are opposing voter ID then the same should ring true for owning and obtaining a gun. 
Increased regulation and registration on a federal level would mean creating a vast bureaucracy to track and verify firearms. This registration is a cost that would be funded by gun owners. In essence, citizens would be charged by the government for exercising their expressed and guaranteed Constitutional rights.

The hypocrisy of Democrats shows time and again.  Thankfully Congress and citizens can see through the charade.

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