Monday, April 15, 2013

Hamilton County, Ohio and why the Left Hates Provisional Ballots

Apparently in Hamilton County, Ohio a number of people voted twice and some were even caught thanks to the efforts of concerned citizens.  However, many will not be prosecuted.  The situation is as follows:  

In some cases, people said they couldn’t remember if they had sent an absentee ballot in or not. Some said they were afraid their absentee ballots hadn’t been received. 

Either way, the poll workers at the polling places did what they were supposed to do – give them a provisional ballot.

There are two takeaways from this. 

1.  Provisional ballots are a good and necessary tool to prevent vote fraud.  Known committers of vote fraud such as the leading media Voter ID opponent Al Sharpton and partisan Democrat organizations such as the Brennan Center passionately oppose provisional ballots.  There is good reason for questioning their motives as is shown in this case: the provisional ballot system worked and those votes were not counted. 

2.   This may be a case where the wrong people are being investigated.  As what happened in Richmond, Virginia when liberal “solicitors” convinced felons to vote illegally; there may be operatives encouraging people to vote illegally. 

In this case, it would work something like this.  A liberal or Democrat operative approaches someone who is a good/reliable Democrat voter who has already voted absentee and scares them with alleged “problems” with the voting system.   They say something like “are you sure your vote was counted?” Or “you know I heard the Republican Secretary of State is not counting votes from [INSERT RACE, PARTY OR AGE GROUP OF VOTER].”    There is a reason for the liberal media fear and panic over provisional ballots that has nothing to do with the reality of provisional ballots.  

Regardless of what happens next, the Democrat operative is successful if the voter votes again.  Either the person votes provisionally, and there is potentially either a talking point or vote in a recount.  (Democrats will scream “Prejudiced/Partisan election officials are not counting most provisional ballots” which they hope will make it more difficult to reject those votes going forward.)  Or overworked, stressed, incompetent and/or fraud-enabling election officials let the voter vote a regular ballot. 

Of course, this may not have happened in Hamilton County, Ohio.  But it has happened in the past where votes that should have been provisional were improperly counted as “regular” votes.  With over a 100 voters caught, does anyone have any doubt that some of the voters where not caught? 

Provisional ballots are a good and necessary part of the election administration and those such as Al Sharpton who question their usage should have their motives examined. 

For those who think there was no fraud in Hamilton County, let me close with what the Hamilton County Democrat Party Chair said in regards to another likely fraudulent part of the past Ohio election where people “living at Post Office boxes voted” that has only come to their attention because of the efforts of concerned citizens:

[Hamilton County Democrat Party Chair Tim Burke]  has a problem with people trying to vote from post office boxes.

“It’s hard for me to argue with what they are doing,’’ Burke said. “They are being more careful, and there doesn't seem to be any partisan nature to it.”

Too bad the same cannot be said of national Democrats opposition to provisional balloting. 

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