Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Even Liberal Justices are Rejecting the Obama Administration's Efforts to Expand Power

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is more than just a Senator. He is also a legal scholar.  We have watched Senator Cruz since we had him speak at our National Policy Conference as Solicitor General of Texas. At that time, he was making a name for himself in the generally low profile office of state solicitor general.  Yesterday he issued a report on “the Legal Limit: The Obama Administration’s Attempts to Expand Federal Power. 

The report begins by citing a speaker at this year’s RNLA Policy Conference, Ilya Shapiro who wrote: “When the administration can’t get even a single one of the liberal justices to agree with it in these unrelated areas of law, that’s a sign there’s something wrong its constitutional vision.”

Cruz’s report goes on to cite six cases where the administration argued the federal government should have unprecedented power.  The report is short but extremely scary.  It should be read by all lawyers.  It is also worth noting to those on the left who attack Cruz as a tea party extremist or some such that Obama’s own hand-picked liberal Justices agreed with Cruz on all six cases he cited.

And we could not agree more with Cruz conclusions: “The arguments advanced in these cases demonstrate an astonishing view of federal power on behalf of the Obama Administration, worthy of further examination.” 

Depending on votes next Thursday, Senator Cruz is going to stop by
the RNLA pre-conference reception on April 25. 

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