Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Democrats Support those Who Commit Fraud

There is yet another vote fraud scandal coming down the pike in New York.  This might even be a scandal some Democrats will talk about as a Democrat and a Republican are allegedly involved.  But the reality is another corrupt Democrat Election Official is trying to hold on to her job with the party’s support. 
[Democrat Election Official Commissioner Fran] Knapp faces 46 felonies and 48 misdemeanors. [Republican Election Commissioner David] Gamache faces one felony and three misdemeanors . . . .
In court documents, [a non-charged Republican official Erik] Haight accused the Democratic staff of the board of tampering with absentee voter records, including ballots in a City of Poughkeepsie election. Knapp said Haight intimidated Democratic voters and ignored the two-party system prescribed in the law that provides for checks and balances over election processes. 
The Republican, Mr. Gamache, charged in this case resigned in 2010.  Apparently, he did so for the good of the system to even avoid the appearance of corruption.  On the other hand, the Democrat Knapp continued to serve (with the blessing of the party) and when the charges came down they took from the national party play book and claimed intimidation against Republicans.  (There is no evidence or charge of intimidation against Mr. Haight.) 
This case goes to show the difference in the two parties.  An allegedly corrupt Democrat continues to serve as an election official and for the most part is backed by her party.  Her defense is to make seemingly trumped up claims of “intimidation.”  A Republican facing much less serious charges resigns. 
What did Ms. Knapp allegedly do?
In the 94-count indictment handed up against Knapp, the longtime Democratic elections commissioner and former county legislator is charged with 41 felony counts of misconduct by an elections official and 41 misdemeanor counts of official misconduct for allegedly changing the designated agent to receive absentee ballots of 41 individuals authorized to vote by absentee ballot.
if this is true, shame not just on Ms. Knapp, but on the New York Democratic Party, for not calling for her resignation immediately.

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