Friday, December 27, 2013

Obomination of the Year: And the Winner is Eric Holder

Every other week on Friday, and often more, the Republican Lawyer blog does a post called an Obomination.  These posts highlight the way President Obama and his allies have defied the rule of law.  

In 2013 many Obominations focused on Harry Reid and his unprecedented action to break the Senate rules to change them when he executed the Nuclear Option so some of President Obama’s most extreme judicial nominees could be confirmed. 

President Obama was the topic of Obminations as well but the number one offender was Eric Holder.  Holder was constantly defying the rule of law in 2013.  While we could cite any number of posts about Holder, we will choose a simple summary post from June 7 entitled: The Eric Holder Circus.  This post is on the leaks and NSA but it includes outraged Democrats as well as Republicans. 

We chose this post among the many outrageous posts on Holder to remind the media, Democrats and nonpartisan sorts that this is not just about Republicans being upset about a lawless Attorney General.  

Hopefully after 2013 Democrats realize the need to join with Republicans to oppose Holder. In 2013 a few Democrats joined with Republicans to hold Holder in contempt in the House.   However, if more don’t join Republicans, we remain confident that the voters will make Democrats pay a heavy price in 2014. 

So the real Obomination for 2013 is that President Obama will not fire Holder for we know Holder will never resign.  As we closed the post of the year, so we close this post quoting Senator Ted Cruz:

Attorney General Holder says he won’t resign until he accomplishes all his goals. I guess there are still some amendments in the Bill of Rights left unviolated….

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