Friday, February 8, 2013

Obomination: DOJ Priorities ‘All Upside Down’

Unfounded allegations of suppression?  Aggressive litigation.

Clear evidence of outdated voter rolls?  Inaction.

The Justice Department's priorities are out of order. And former Secretary of State Todd Rokita agrees.  When asked about voter list maintenance, Rep. Rokita of the House Administration Committee said, “The fact of the matter is with the Civil Rights Division and Election Division of the DOJ they are way too selective on what they turn their heads and focus on.  It's all upside down.”

In 2012, election integrity non-profit organizations have taken the initiative to sue the current directors of the Indiana Election Division and the Indiana Secretary of State to enforce Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act, which requires that ineligible voters be removed from the rolls.  According to one of the non-profits, voter registration rolls in 12 counties exceed 100% of the total voting age population.

Back in the last presidential administration, there were lawsuits but different plaintiffs were suing.  In 2006, the Voting Section attorneys of the Justice Department were the ones drafting the complaints and filing them in federal court.

Instead, the Justice Department is prioritizing opposition to voter ID laws.  The problem is that, as seen in the South Carolina voter ID lawsuit, the Justice Department is losing in the courts.  The politicized Justice Department is placing nonexistent voter suppression over election integrity.  

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