Monday, November 11, 2013

More Democrat Election Intimidation

One of the greatest ironies of election process is Democrat claims of intimidation.  It does happen, almost always by Democrats.  Of course, Democrats generally reward these efforts by the operatives who do it, as in Philadelphia when one of the two New Black Panther Party intimidators was later elected a local Democrat official.

In Fairfax County, Virginia Democrats attempt intimidation in a different way.  The first rule of being a poll watcher is that you do not talk to voters.  You are there only to observe and address concerns to election officials.  But Democrats feel this rule does not apply to them.  So in 2012, they sued to have the ability to talk to voters inside the poll.  Does anyone doubt that this “talking to voters” would include coercion of voters? 

Fortunately the courts agreed and stopped this effort to intimidate voters inside the polling place.

Now during the canvas for the extremely close Virginia Attorney General’s race this video surfaces.

The GOP staffer taking the video was trying to help provisional ballot voters votes count.  Why was this gentleman harassing the GOP staffer?

Let me add a couple thoughts on the gentleman in the video.  I was present the first day of the Fairfax County canvas and sat near this gentleman while waiting for the canvas to begin.  He is a physically large and imposing man.  He was there seemingly in a leadership role.  What makes this most interesting is what he was doing while everyone was waiting for election officials to finish setting up.

He was regaling the Democrats around him with a story of how he successfully challenged a presumed Republican voter at the polls years back.  He was full of bravado in this story of how he made everyone bow to his will and not allow this known conservative to vote. 

I found this interesting.  While Republicans believe and talk about “open, fair, and honest elections”, a seeming Democrat leader was talking about how he bent election officials to his will to prevent someone from voting. 

Once again the irony of Democrat claims of intimidation are exposed.  Republicans don’t intimidate voters.  Democrats reward their operatives that do so and brag about it.  

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