Friday, October 11, 2013

Obomination: Democrats Fighting for Ineligible Voters in Virginia

The election of Governor in Virginia this November is likely to be a very close race.  As a result, the Democrat Party and their candidate for Governor, Terry McAuliffe, are pulling out all the stops to “turn out” voters, including non-people and ineligible voters.

Democrats in Virginia are stopping just short of opening polling places in the graveyards to make sure every ineligible voter is counted. The state Democratic Party last week asked a federal judge in Alexandria for an injunction to block state and local election officials from deleting the names of ineligible voters. When the roll is called up yonder, in the updated hymn, the dead Democrats will still be here.

The suit is about ineligible voters, not dead ones, but some dearly departed Democrats are no doubt on the rolls, too. Election officials have compiled a list of 57,000 names of former Virginians who have moved and put down roots elsewhere in the country. Election officials want to cross-check the names of nonresidents against the voter-registration list and cross off the names of everyone who shouldn’t be voting in Virginia.

When voter rolls aren’t cleaned up on a regular basis, the result is a voter-registration list that swells beyond the total number of residents. The Huffington Post reported in April 2011 that this happened in 14 out of the 102 counties in Illinois. Just last month, a federal court ordered Walthall County, Miss., to purge the voter rolls, which list 124 percent of the county’s voting-age population.

 . . . Virginia officials counted 7,934 duplicate names on the Fairfax County voter rolls, and the Democratic lawsuit asks that every one of those be allowed to cast a ballot on Nov. 5. We suggest that Mr. McAuliffe court eligible Virginians, and leave be the Virginians who have moved on. Any dead ones, too. They don’t really have much interest now in what goes on in Richmond.

For those who think the ineligible don’t vote in Virginia, look no further back than last year when it was found “solicitors” went around encouraging ineligible felons to vote in the 2008 election in Virginia.  Of course it took four years for that to come to light, which is why Mr. McCauliffe is fighting so hard.  He knows it will take years for the ineligible to be brought to justice, if ever. 

That encouraging ineligible voting was done by “solicitors” supporting President Obama and is trying to be continued by Terry McAuliffe is this week’s Obomination.   

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