Thursday, October 10, 2013

ACORN’s Evolution and Rise to Power in NYC

Bill de Blasio, the Democratic nominee for New York City Mayor, has an interesting past.  He was an aide to the last Democratic Mayor of the Big Apple, David Dinkins, and he worked as a HUD official during the Clinton Administration.  De Blasio even served as the campaign manager during Hillary Clinton's successful run for U.S. Senate in 2000.
But more interesting than all of that is the fact that de Blasio was one of the founders of New York State's Working Families Party in 1998. 

Don't feel bad if you don't know what the Working Families Party is or why it matters.  Under New York State's Election Law, minor parties have the ability to back major party candidates for public offices.  The candidates’ names even appear multiple times on the ballot.  This, as you can imagine, makes the minor parties major players in New York State politics.

In 1998, left wing activists at ACORN achieved the unimaginable; they organized their very own political party, the Working Families Party. 

Not only is the Democratic nominee for New York City mayor Bill de Blasio a longstanding ally of ACORN and its New York State affiliate, the Working Families Party, but this week, a politician with even closer ties to ACORN and the Working Families Party won the Democratic Party's nomination for New York City's second highest office.
Letitia James, a New York City councilor from Brooklyn, easily defeated State Sen. Daniel Squadron on Tuesday in the runoff for the Democratic nomination for the office of New York City Public Advocate.  Since no Republican is running for Public Advocate, James is assured a victory in November.
James has been a city councilor since 2003.  In his first election for city council, James made history by becoming the first candidate to win election to office while running on only the Working Families Party line.  
James' loyalty to her Working Families Party patrons continues to this day.  Shortly after winning the Democratic nomination for Public Advocate, James sent an email to supporters asking them to vote in November for her and her comrades on the Working Families Party line ( 

Regardless of how the mayor's race turns out, it's a certainty that the radicals of ACORN and the Working Families Party will have a supporter and ally in the City of New York's second highest office. 

However this also effects the Mayor’s race.  The unopposed James will do the dirty work of working with the Working Families Party while ,now that he is through the Democratic primary, de Blasio has been talking like a pro-business, law and order centrist.  Don't be fooled.  Like James, de Blasio heart remains with his radical comrades who helped him to organize ACORN into a political party over a decade ago.


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