Monday, October 7, 2013

North Carolina ID: Reality v. Politics

Recently in North Carolina Voter ID Case RNLA member Butch Bowers was hired as outside counsel.  You would think from the stories his sole qualification was political, defending South Carolina Governor Haley from false ethic accusations and being a member of RNLA. 

The reality is Butch is an extremely qualified lawyer uniquely experienced to defend from the latest political overreach by the Eric Holder politicized Department of Justice.  Butch was the former Chairman of the South Carolina State Election Commission.  Moreover, he was the former Special Counsel for Voting Matters for the Department of Justice.  It is no exaggeration to say that Mr. Bowers knows a lot more about honest elections than Mr. Holder. 

Yet some newspapers and a partisan Attorney General will question Mr. Bower’s hiring instead of focusing on the fact that Department of Justice is wasting the taxpayers’ money for a purely political case they have lost before, ironically in South Carolina. 

What people should be focusing on is reports like these by a volunteer group interested in the integrity of the elections:

Some of our early successes included finding three North Carolina counties with more than 100 percent of their voting-age population registered to vote (the national average is around 67 percent, by the way); finding more than 130 Wake County residents who voted before evading jury duty by claiming non-U.S. citizen status; finding almost 30,000 deceased voters who languished on the North Carolina rolls for years; and prompting criminal referrals for five people (so far) who voted in both North Carolina and Florida during the 2012 November election.

These are things that all people in North Carolina should focus upon. 

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