Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fighting Back Against a County that Refuses to Follow the Law

As we wrote the other day, a Federal judge not only ruled that Virginia counties could go ahead with efforts to remove ineligible “people” from the voting rolls, there was no danger of disenfranchising someone who was wrongly removed.  Yet, at least one county in Virginia is refusing to do so. 

Fortunately Christian Adams and True the Vote are fighting that county. 

A conservative group is warning Virginia’s fourth-largest municipality that it is violating state and federal law by refusing to maintain voter rolls that are free of ineligible voters.

Attorney J. Christian Adams sent a notice to Chesterfield County’s general registrar warning that the county is required to purge its voter rolls of dead voters, ineligible voters and those who have moved out of the state. If the county does not follow suit within 90 days, the group, called True the Vote, will go to court to force it to comply with the law, the notice said.

. . . “The declaration indicates that your office has suspended the removal of voters who no longer reside in Chesterfield County and have been found to have registered in other states through the interstate cross-check program,” Mr. Adams wrote. “If the circumstances described in the attached affidavit are not cured within the 90 day notice period, my clients may initiate action in federal court seeking an order to command you to comply with federal and state law.”

For those wondering if this matters do not forget Minnesota in 2008-9 where different counties counted votes differently helping lead to Senator Franken.  Chesterfield County needs to follow the law. 

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