Thursday, September 26, 2013

Will the Media Ever Realize it is Being Used by the Far Left on Voter ID?

Hans Von Spakovsky has a fascinating but hardly surprising piece on Voter ID “plaintiffs” in Georgia.  Just as in Indiana and Pennsylvania the plaintiffs have no problems voting and are really public relations stunts used by liberal groups to advance their pro vote fraud agenda.  If these groups really cared about the poor, they would help them obtain ID and take advantage of the government benefits almost certainly due them that often require ID.  Von Spakovsky goes through the “IDless” plaintiffs voting history one-by-one and concludes:

When Common Cause Georgia — a liberal “citizens’ lobby organization” — originally filed a federal lawsuit in 2005 over Georgia’s voter ID law along with a number of other plaintiffs, the organization claimed that hundreds of thousands of Georgians would be unable to vote. They produced witness after witness — who signed affidavits under penalty of perjury — claiming that they did not have a photo ID and could not obtain the free Georgia photo ID the law provided, and therefore would be turned away at the polls. The plaintiffs lost their lawsuit (as well as a state court action) after the federal court concluded that the law was neither discriminatory nor a burden on voters, and that none of them would be unable to vote. . . .

Official state voting records show that the court was right. Many of these witnesses — again, who signed affidavits — went on to vote in the 2008, 2010, and 2012 elections.

Georgia voting records disprove the insistent claims that voter ID laws strip minority and elderly voters of the right to vote. These witnesses, after signing sworn affidavits that they did not have and could not obtain a Georgia voter ID card, nevertheless did obtain ID cards and did cast their ballots.

Similar sky-is-falling claims are now being raised over the North Carolina and the Texas voter ID laws, and these claims will doubtless prove to be as baseless as the claims from Georgia. (Several faux martyrs have already been identified by critics of these new laws.)

When will the media wake up and realize they are being used? 

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