Friday, September 27, 2013

Obomination: Are Efforts to Stop “Voter Suppression” Really Code for Efforts to Support Vote Fraud?

For years Democrats have cried “voter suppression” every year with virtually no proof of suppression.  Recently Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton have even likened the relatively mild measure of asking for ID to voter suppression.  Yet when real voter suppression happens to those in our overseas military or by the New Black Panthers outside a poll with Billy Clubs and using racial epithets, the Democrat Party ignores it.  Worse, in the case of the New Black Panthers, Democrats elected one of the vote suppressors a local Democrat official. 

The kicker is Democrats have not cited a single credible case of Republican efforts to suppress the vote.  Could the term “voter suppression” really mean something else?  Some believe it is a fear based turnout strategy to scare certain voters into voting but recent events in New York suggest it may have another purpose: to support vote fraud.
The recent case of Frances Knapp lends some credence to the latter possibility.  In New York there are partisan election officials and for Duchess County Democrats it is Ms. Knapp.  Ms. Knapp is charged with 94 counts of vote fraud for her activities regarding elections.  This would seem like a no-brainer for Ms. Knapp to step aside until her case is resolved and local papers have called upon her to do just that.  Yet she won’t.  Under New York law she can only be removed by Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 

Now it comes out the person who pushed Ms. Knapp to be retained when allegations of problems first surfaced years ago is none other than the Democrat's choice to be head of the New York Election Commission, Kathleen O’Keefe.  Ms. O’Keefe fought for Ms. Knapp to be reappointed because, you guessed it, she fought against alleged “voter suppression.” 

In Albany, Democrats have been pushing for lawyer Kathleen O'Keefe to become the state election board's chief enforcement officer. O'Keefe in 2010 strongly urged the Dutchess County Democratic Committee to reappoint Knapp to the board, hailing her defense of absentee ballots from challenges by GOP lawyer (and Nassau County Attorney) John Ciampoli.

"Voter suppression is not something I engage in," Ciampoli said when contacted.

O’Keefe is the Democrats choice for the chief election official and has been called by New York Daily News: “NY Silver’s fox in henhouse: The state's new election enforcement chief is a political hatchet woman for the Assembly speaker”:

Suddenly facing scrutiny by Gov. Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission, the state Board of Elections is filling a post that has been useless for years — that of the lawyer who is responsible for policing New York’s campaign finance rules.

. . . . Under that pressure, the two Democrats and the two Republicans who oversee the operation are installing a new enforcement chief. Be not impressed.

. . . By night, she [O’Keefe] did [Democrat Assembly Speaker] Silver’s political dirty work. . . .

This is a counsel who has shown that she can be trusted to do the right thing — for the insiders.

So why hasn’t Governor Cuomo or O’Keefe called on her friend Knapp to resign or be fired?  Is it because her work to “stop voter suppression” was really for vote fraud?  We don’t know but we do know that as long as Knapp is serving, she is not helping to stop alleged suppression but she is adding credence to the allegations that Democrats support vote fraud. 

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