Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Was the Victorious New York Democrat Mayoral Candidate’s Margin Supplied by ACORN?

New York City Democrat Mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio won the September 10 Democrat primary with 40.12% of the vote; slightly more than the 40% needed to avoid a runoff.  A runoff  against African American runner up Bill Thompson could have been potentially devise and devastating to de Blasio's candidacy .  As we wrote earlier part of his narrow runoff proof victory margin was allegedly provides by fraudulent voter “impersonation votes”. 

Who else helped de Blasio to this narrow victory?  ACORN.  Yep, ACORN’s disgraced former President Bertha Lewis is bragging how she delivered de Blasio’s narrow victory.

Bertha Lewis played critical behind-the-scenes roles in the victorious Democratic primary campaigns of both Bill de Blasio for mayor and Kenneth Thompson for Brooklyn district attorney, The Post has learned.

. . . Lewis, a co-founder of the Working Families Party, was an early backer and adviser to de Blasio.

ACORN’s successor group, New York Communities for Change, endorsed de Blasio for mayor in early spring, and a Lewis protege, NYCC field director Harold Miller, helped run de Blasio’s field operation.

So it was no surprise that Lewis stood behind de Blasio during his primary night victory speech last Tuesday.

Or that de Blasio tweeted, “Thanks to nychange members for coming out tonight!”

Even in the unlikely event that Bertha Lewis has changed her ways, even the most hardened liberal and Democrat New Yorkers should be troubled by de Blasio's open embrace of Bertha Lewis.

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