Monday, May 20, 2013

When will Holder come Tumbling Down?

If you listened to the Sunday news shows yesterday you are well aware that the three topics that dominated conversation were those of Benghazi, and the IRS and AP scandals.  However, the general listener may not have heard the comment Senator John Cornyn made to Bob Scheiffer on yesterday’s Face the Nation.

"I lost confidence in the attorney general a long time ago over his cover-up of the Fast and Furious investigation,” said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican, referencing Mr. Holder’s role in the infamous gunrunning scheme that went awry and cost the life of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

Cornyn went on to say it was 
past the Attorney General’s time, which is something the RNLA has been saying for awhile.  Calls for Eric Holder to step down have grown louder over the past week as it is clear his Department of Justice is not running properly.  With the general public losing faith in the DOJ Cornyn stated “I think it’s past time for him to go and for the president to appoint somebody who the public can have confidence in,” he said.  Cornyn isn’t the first to call for Holder to step down, last weekRNC Chairman Reince Preibus asked for the Attorney General’s resignation and the cries from the people continue to grow.

Since Eric Holder came into office in 2008 he has been riddled with scandal after scandal.  Rarely does an Attorney General last two presidential terms and never has an Attorney General been held in contempt of Congress.  From Fast and Furious, the new Black Panthers, attacking bills he hasn’t read, comparing Voter ID to Jim Crow and now these three current scandals Holder has dug one hole after another throughout his time as Attorney General. It is right that the President should ask Holder to resign.  Apparently, it’s not the first time he’s thought about it.  With even Democrats turning their back on him these days, Holder is currently holding on by the skin of his (possibly lying) teeth.  The age old children's rhyme begins Obama and Holder go up a hill to fetch a pail of water, the question is how soon will Holder come tumbling down? Do the people need another disaster before the Obama administration realizes he has got to go?

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