Friday, May 17, 2013

Obomination: It is a Scandal Even if President Obama is Telling the Truth

We pointed out earlier this week, how even if President Obama called Benghazi an act of terrorism, that means it is still a scandal as he then must have instructed Ambassador Rice to lie about it.   Former Solicitor General Ted Olson made that point on the IRS Scandal on Megyn Kelly yesterday:

“There were complaints about this that was ongoing for the last couple of years that the IRS was targeting conservative organizations.  The White House says it didn’t anything about it.  But what did it ask?  Why did it not try to find out?  Why did not the President himself say: ‘Wait a minute.’  He said just this week it’s outrageous.  But those reports were out there. . . . Why didn’t you look into it?. . . Because you knew from reports that citizens of this country were being attacked and targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.  Why wasn’t something done?”

Keep in mind, unlike Benghazi, President Obama agrees that the IRS scandal is a problem.  According to him it is a problem he just learned about, but as liberal Daily Show host Jon Stewart explains that excuse is still “bad” (Starting at the 5:02 mark):

“If these measures from the IRS and Justice were taken at the behest of the White House; that is Nixonian.  At best, if you believe the administration only found about this stuff through news reports, it is still bad.  It’s just that the President’s inner Magoo is being revealed.  It's Magoovian.” 
Stewart’s comments were made for laughs comparing President Obama to cartoon bumbler Mr. Magoo. The liberal Republican-hater Stewart was also making a serious point the same as Ted Olson’s: the IRS scandal is bad whether the President knew about it in advance or really just found out.  That is this week’s Obomination. 

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