Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Even the Liberal Leader Agrees Holder Should be Fired

For a while now, various liberals from “newer” places such as the Daily Beast to old liberals like former crossfire co-host Bill Press say Attorney General Eric Holder should be fired.  Even those few liberals that disagree and what to keep Holder’s “defense” is faint praise at best.  For example from Salon:

The left and the right now basically agree that Holder should go. The only reason I am not enthusiastically joining the chorus calling for Holder’s job is that I’m 90 percent certain that whoever replaces Eric Holder will be worse, both because of President Obama’s full support for Holder’s Justice Department thus far and because of the confirmation process. Obama isn’t going to nominate someone from the ACLU. Republicans (and hawkish Democrats) would block anyone who shows signs of being even slightly less awful on civil liberties.  . . . We’ve seen how Barack Obama’s Good Liberal respect for the sacred craft of journalism left him once he had to deal with journalists.

But, I just want to quote one particular Democrat:

And part of the role of the attorney general is to say to the executive branch here are the limits of your power. Here are the things that you can’t do.  . . .What you get a sense of is a–an attorney general who saw himself as an enabler of the administration as opposed to somebody who was actually trying to look out for the American people’s interests.  And for that reason, I think it’s time for him to step down and for another attorney general who can exercise some independence to be put for the reminder of this president’s term.

That, of course, was then Senator Obama talking about President Bush’s Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez in 2007.  Looks like President Obama needs to fire Eric Holder by his own standards. 

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