Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anti-Republican Bias at Justice Department, Report Finds

The Inspector General issued a report on the outrageous harassing behavior of employees of the Voting Section of the Department of Justice.  The report declared that there was “heated political and even racist commentary, frequently attacking Republicans.”

Someone at the DOJ wrote that “a good, ethical Republican” is a “seeming oxymoron.”  Much of the rhetoric asserted that managers were discriminating against blacks.  The expression “po’ Niggrahs” was used and a white employee’s home was described as a place where “everyone wears a white sheet, the darkies say ‘yes’m,’ and equal rights for all are the real ‘land of make believe.’” Furthermore, Democrats who sided with the Republicans “were perceived to support the Republican administration in order to promote their own careers.” 

Furthermore, employees posted on liberal websites “a wide array of inappropriate remarks, ranging from petty and juvenile personal attacks to highly offensive and potentially threatening statements” “directed at Voting Section employees because of their conservative political views.”  The comments claimed that parents of one former career Section attorney were Nazis, criticism of a career manager’s physical appearance and guessing how that manager would look naked, and a desire expressed to :go out and choke somebody” and go “hanging a noose in someone’s office.”

Furthermore, DOJ employees “posted non-public information about sensitive personal matters relating to perceived Republican or conservative career Voting Section attorneys.”  The report noted that “Some of the comments were posted by Section employees while the employees were at work using their government computers.”

Racial tensions were particularly heated as relates to the Ike Brown case, where a black defendant was found guilty of discrimination against a white minority.  The report found that “unprofessional and disparaging remarks” were made about a black intern working on that case “mocking his intelligence, his legal acumen, and his personal beliefs.”  Furthermore, emails were exchanged celebrating when the Department of Justice employees litigating that case had setbacks.

Rep. Frank R. Wolf, who called for the investigative report to be conducted, declared, “The report makes clear that the division has become a rat’s nest of unacceptable and unprofessional actions, and even outright threats against career attorneys and systemic mismanagement.” 

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