Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to Update Voter Rolls

The 2012 general election voting period may be over, but work in elections continues.  Efforts are being made in a number of states to ensure that voter rolls are up to date.  Having accurate lists of voters is an important way to prevent fraud and ensure the integrity of elections. 

Part of the effort to update rolls involves removal of incorrect or ineligible registrations.  In Georgia, over thirty registrations listed a residence using an address from a vacant lot, abandoned house, businesses and even the Augusta National Golf Club.  Thanks to an investigation conducted by the Augusta Chronicle, 32 inaccurate registrations were brought to the attention of the election board which held a hearing this week on the matter.

Other states are also trying to ensure that their voter registration lists are current.  In Iowa, Secretary of State Matt Schultz is trying to determine if noncitizens are on the rolls and ensure that they do not cast ballots that cancel out the votes of eligible citizens.  In North Carolina, voter registration cards are being mailed out to voters to update records.  In Texas, ineligible voters are being removed.

Election administrators in North Carolina, Georgia, Iowa and Texas are engaging in efforts to keep their rolls current.  These election administrators should be supported and recognized for these efforts toward election integrity.

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