Monday, April 22, 2013

Protecting Our Schools with ID on Election Day

Before the unprecedented politicization of the act of voting by Democrat front groups posing as “social welfare” organizations like the Brennan Center, the public regardless of party or ideological affiliation agreed that convicted felons should not be allowed to vote.  As recently as 2000, liberal Massachusetts passed a law preventing felons from voting.  However, leaders on the left analyzed polling results and came to the inescapable conclusion that convicted felons overwhelming vote for Democrats. 

This is not a case of an argument for individual rights for those who have paid their debt to society or some such.  Do any of these liberal groups argue for restoring the rights of felons to own a gun after they have served their sentences?  This is crass politics at its worse.

It is also another strong argument for ID.  Recently in Cook County Illinois a judge ruled that schools could enforce their ID policy on Election Day, despite Illinois not having a Voter ID requirement.  Schools need to carefully monitor their grounds, as the judge stated:  “the world has changed, so people have to change with it.” 

Can you imagine on a primary day for a special election, when turnout is historically low, allowing child molesters or those convicted of possession child pornography on school campuses to vote?  They could wonder the school halls and no one would know better.  What about convicted drug dealers or offenders, we have strict laws on schools being drug free zones, would they be suspended on election day?  Imagine a world were registered sex offenders “right to vote” trumps school security concerns.

ID is an important tool in school security as it is for voting.  A judge in Chicago put school security before voting, too bad liberal groups seeing a cache of Democrat votes don’t do the same.  The contrast could not be stronger; conservatives in places such as South Carolina give free rides for people to get IDs to vote even though many of the potential voters are unlikely to vote Republican.  They see voter ID as more important than Republican votes.  Some liberals advocate felon voting even though in many states, voting often occurs in the midst of the most vulnerable of our society, elementary school children.  They see more votes, consequences be dammed. 

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