Thursday, April 4, 2013

Over 70% Support and Bipartisian Majority Does Not Stop Liberals From Name Calling

People outside DC often wonder why government and politics don’t work better.   They want both sides to work together.  There is no better example of the problem than the issue of Voter ID.  Over 70% of the public, in multiple polls, supports Voter ID, including the majority of Democrats.   You would think that politicians would work together to pass Voter ID. 

Of course that does not happen because the far left of the Democrat Party vehemently opposes Voter ID.   They don’t oppose ID on matters such as driving, gun registration, tobacco, etc., only for voting.  Their motives should be obvious, and no they are not the stated motive of the left.  They will go to ridiculous lengths in their opposition to Voter ID. 
A good example happened two days ago.  Tuesday in Wisconsin, the left should have learned a lesson, but I doubt they did.  For supporting an issue with over 70% approval the left tried to attack RNLA as an “extremist group” for “supporting Voter ID.”  Of course, forgetting that also makes the majority of Democrats’ extremists for supporting the same issue.  I think they are confused.  Statistically and otherwise, the ones opposing common sense ID are more extreme than those who support it. 

But that was not enough.  Liberals tried to make membership of RNLA, a group that supports Voter ID, a reason for opposition of a judicial candidate.  So, being a member of a group that supports an overwhelming popular issue makes you an extremist?  While I am convinced Judge Bradley won on her very many merits, there can be little doubt that this attack by the left at a minimum failed and even possibly backfired.  As John Fund wrote today in National Review:
Bradley had been appointed to the bench by Governor Walker last year. Protasiewicz’s TV ads attacked Bradley as Governor Walker’s “handpicked” judge and accused her of being a member of the Republican National Lawyer’s Association, calling it an “extreme” group because of its support for voter-ID laws. Voters obviously didn't buy that pitch, and reelected Bradley in a county that gave Barack Obama 67 percent of its vote in 2012.
Liberals and the left need to stop screaming and start working with Republicans and independents to fix problems, instead of seeing everything as extremist or through a political lens.  A good place to start would be Voter ID, a place where even members of the liberal Democrat party agree with Republicans.  Unfortunately when those who commit vote fraud such as Al Sharpton are the leaders of the liberal opposition, I have little hope. 

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