Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finally Some Righteous Anger on Voter ID

Election Law Center’s Christian Adams laid out the case in his prepared testimony at yesterday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on “Mismanagement at the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of why the most partisan justice department in recent history abused their power in the South Carolina Voter ID case but it was Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina who stole the show.  Rep. Gowdy was angry over the politicized attack on South Carolina Voter ID law. 
 I could quote Gowdy, but it is better to watch Gowdy make the case with passion and quite frankly righteous indignation at the treatment of South Carolina. 

 So for any liberals out there reading this, next time you are watching a vote fraud committer like Al  Sharpton rail with ridiculous hyperbole against Voter ID, watch Rep. Gowdy talk with passion about what was done to the well-meaning people of South Carolina seemingly only because they are southern. 

In his prepared testimony in the hearing Christian Adams laid out the case with just the facts.

[Justice Department Civil] Division leadership overruled career lawyers who recommended that South Carolina photo voter identification be precleared in 2011 under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. AAG [Thomas] Perez [now nominee to be Labor Secretary] and DAAG Matthew Colangelo rejected the recommendation of the career Voting Section Chief and his deputy that South Carolina’s voter identification law neither had a retrogressive effect nor purpose.  Their career recommendation was overruled and an expensive, costly and ultimately meritless objection was interposed.

. . .The United States District Court ultimately agreed with South Carolina that the law did not discriminate, but not before South Carolina was forced to spend $3.5 million dollars in a prolonged court fight with the Division. South Carolina also faced aggressive intervenors who drove up the cost of obtaining preclearance through their own discovery and court filings.  

Which sums it up, a bunch of far left liberal groups scream and yell about racism which is who DOJ listens to while the career attorneys at DOJ who know the law are ignored.  The result is more pain for South Carolina but hey it made a good story for Sharpton on MSNBC and a nice talking point for Democrat front groups like the Brennan Center while it lasted. 

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