Monday, April 1, 2013

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to Speak at the National Policy Conference

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is a man of many words-literally.  The candidate for Virginia governor recently released a new book called “The Last Line of Defense: The New Fight for American Liberty,” which will be highlighted and discussed this month during a special luncheon at the National Policy Conference.  The book shows Cuccinelli as unabashedly conservative in his views and demeanor, and hits hard on the “unprecedented overreach of the federal government.”

Ken Cuccinelli was the first Attorney General to argue in federal court against Obamacare.  He spends much of the book discussing this and calls the Obama Administration “the biggest set of lawbreakers in America.”  He also argues that politicians have created entitlement programs to make people dependent on government.  In the book his stories explain why the Attorney General thinks the way he does.  His intimate stories, including one which explains how his family relied on each other instead of government handouts when his sick mother was hospitalized for six months, shows a man who is rightfully unapologetic in his viewpoints and truly believes that it is up to the state attorney general to fight as the last line of defense for liberty.

While few would ever advise a candidate for governor or otherwise to release a book while campaigning, Cuccinelli seems to do it with flare.   A leader of the conservative movement, he will be a highlight to see at the National Policy Conference.  Sign up to see him today!

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