Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rep. Michael McCaul: Making Security of Our Homeland a Priority

Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. McCaul has made border security a priority.  He challenges the Obama administration to adopt that same priority, saying, ““The Administration has made clear that unless we force it to take border security seriously, immigration reform would occur without the security component.”
The Congressman emphasizes a new facet of security in this information age.  Rep. McCaul said,
The cyber security piece is the one that keeps me up at night the most. So highlighting that threat is important. The energy sector, the power grids -- all of that is vulnerable to a cyber attack. My job is to try to harden those federal networks and also have a piece where the federal government can share threat information with the private sector and the private sector can share information back with the federal government.

Rep. McCaul said, “Until we have operational control of our borders, we will continue to be vulnerable to terrorists, drug cartels and criminal aliens who enter the United States undetected.”  McCaul introduced a plan with principles to guide the Department of Homeland Security as it goes forward.

You can hear more from Rep. McCaul at the 2012 RNLA National Policy Conference, where Rep. McCaul is speaking.

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