Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Left’s Crusade Against Honest Elections

In this week’s Daily Caller Op-Ed, Michael Thielen, RNLA Executive Director, highlighted how the extreme left and many Democrats are against verifiably honest elections in America. His piece explains how left-wing ideologues have written "articles"--what tantamount to opinion pieces--and passes them off as news articles. The piece goes on to praise, the too often vilified, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and his efforts to ensure more honest elections in Kansas.
Secretary Kobach has been a leader in the effort to clean up voting lists as the head of the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program, one of two interstate voter registration data sharing programs endorsed by the PCEA [President Obama's Presidential Commission on Election Administration].  Crosscheck “identifies possible duplicate registrations among states, and . . . provides evidence of possible double votes,“ and it is used by such deep blue Democrat states as Massachusetts and New York. . . . 
Clean and accurate voter registration rolls are an important election integrity protection with broad, bipartisan support among the public and election officials, which you would never know by listening to the radical liberals who oppose basic election integrity protections. Secretary Kobach has led an effort by the majority of Secretaries of State across the country to clean up voter rolls and clean voter registration rolls are exactly what terrifies Berman, as he writes that the commission will “make policy recommendations at the federal and state level, which could include support for suppressive policies like . . . voter-rolls purges.”. . .
The left recycles the same talking points, again and again, about how efforts to prohibit non-citizens and illegal aliens from voting is somehow wrong. They are--after all--not American citizens, nor entitled to a vote.
The irony that is lost on [left media, like the NYT's author Ari] Berman is that every illegal alien vote disenfranchises a U.S. citizen voting legally. . . The reality is Berman is attempting the very thing he accuses Kobach of seeking: partisan advantage in voting laws.  The difference is that Kobach seeks to disenfranchise illegal voters, while Berman’s policies allow disenfranchisement of legal voters. . . .  
However, the left perpetuated this point because non-citizens vote Democrat in elections. Reported studies have confirmed this point.

The Democrats are so scared of losing a fallacious talking point to appeal to their liberal base that they don’t even want to allow a study on issues of wide bipartisan support, such a voter registration list accuracy and maintenance, for fear of what other important issues the commission may investigate. . . .The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets are providing a vehicle for the radical liberals now controlling the Democratic Party to disseminate their anti-election integrity message. The sensational rhetoric and fact-free war is unfortunate in what should be a common goal for all Americans: open, fair and honest elections.
The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity's purpose is to look into systemic problems plaguing the current system. However, preemptively attacking those who a part of the commission is not productive and really is just the left's ongoing saga to attack any effort to improve the system or make an election fair, open, and honest. The fact is the left can do better. The left should do better.

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