Monday, December 2, 2013

Rising GOP star Trey Gowdy to speak at RNLA luncheon

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) will address RNLA members at a Capitol Hill Club luncheon on Wednesday, December 4.

Since his election in 2010, Mr. Gowdy has established himself as an indefatigable champion of freedom and a relentless (and colorful) opponent of the Obama agenda.

He has been especially critical of Obamacare, particularly the falsehood—repeated ad nauseam by the president—that people could ‘keep their health plans if they liked them.’ Rep. Gowdy recently quipped the president would now be eligible for a Nobel Prize in fiction to compliment his questionable one for peace. And he cast doubt on the president’s earnestness regarding his one-year, politically motivated, “fix,” now that his deceit has affected so many hardworking Americans.  

But Rep. Gowdy hasn’t limited his biting wit to criticism of Obamacare. In questioning an administration official regarding the closing of memorials to veterans, he wondered why the National Park Service had shown more obeisance to pot-smoking “Occupiers” in McPherson Square than to those who risked their lives to protect our freedom.

Rep. Gowdy will continue to be an advocate for constitutional conservatism while impeding the liberal agenda for years to come. He currently serves on four important committees: Education and the Workforce, Ethics, Judiciary, and Oversight and Government Reform. His responsibilities on those committees cover a wide range of important issues including courts and administrative law, terrorism, immigration, and financial services.

Prior to his election to Congress, Rep. Gowdy served as a federal prosecutor for six years and as a Circuit Solicitor where he led a team of 25 attorneys. While solicitor he gained widespread recognition as a stalwart advocate of victims’ and women’s rights.

More information about the luncheon can be found here.  This post was written by Paul Jossey.  

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