Thursday, November 21, 2013

ACORN Back Up to Its Old Tricks?

ACORN is not dead.  It reformed as, among other things, the Working Families Party(WFP) in New York led by former ACORN President Bertha Lewis.  Now of course comes allegations of absentee ballot fraud.

How did the fraud alleged work?  First, WFP gave people pre-filled out absentee ballot applications

Plattsburgh Police were unable to go into detail, but they did say there is an open investigation into the allegations of voter fraud.

"We did not fill out the applications for the absentee ballots at all, they were already pre-checked out and everything was filled out for us," Rasco said.

Not only were the applications pre-filled out, they were false

Along with applications being filled out for Rasco and others, some reasons for needing to vote absentee were also apparently false.

"My girlfriend's came up that she was going to be out of state, which wasn't factual," Rasco said. "We didn't even know there was anything going on with that, nothing along the lines of breaking the law anyway."

This is likely just the tip of the iceberg.  In New York City, the WFP’s favorite son narrowly won the Democrat nomination for Mayor with help from WFP.  While he easily won the general election, without the support of WFP, he would had a difficult and likely divisive runoff.  The WFP party own actions plus their connections to ACORN, cast a taint on all associated with them.  

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