Monday, October 21, 2013

Why Does the Media Ignore Democrat Efforts to Disenfranchise voters?

On Friday the voters of Virginia won a major victory over the efforts of Democrats to disenfranchise legal voters.  While the media gave positive coverage to the efforts to disenfranchise, they did not say as much about the judge throwing out the Democrats obscene efforts to allow fraudulent “votes.” 

Judge Claude Hilton in the case stated: 

A federal judge on Friday rejected an effort by the Virginia Democratic Party to restore more than 38,000 names to the state’s voter rolls that it claimed were possibly purged in error, saying the evidence did not convince him that anyone had been disenfranchised.

“I just don’t find that there’s a strong showing here of any inequitable treatment or the deprivation of anyone’s rights,” U.S. District Judge Claude M. Hilton said as he denied the Democrats’ request.

As a local official stated about the actual process:

Albemarle County Registrar Jake Washburn said the list was checked several times at the state and local level. "We don't want to cancel anybody without good reason, but if we have good solid evidence that someone has moved to another state and has registered in that state, then we feel like under the code we have cause to cancel."

Reality is list maintenance is part of the law, for good reason with no downside.  For there is a solution for someone “wrongly removed” or “purged” from the voter rolls: a provisional ballot.  No one is ever prevented from voting.  If the person is wrongly removed, the provisional ballot will count.  So there is no danger of disenfranchisement of a voter. 

As Judge Claude Hilton in the case stated (emphasis mine):

At a hearing Friday, Judge Claude Hilton said he believes the state conducted he purge uniformly. He also said anyone wrongly purged could cast a provisional ballot.

On the other hand, if someone dead, felon, living in another state, etc. “votes” there is no remedy to “uncount” the vote.  “Uncount” is not even a word.  As a result for every illegal vote, a legal voter on the other side is disenfranchised because their vote is canceled out. 

The Democrat Party of Virginia must know this which is why they were first fighting to keep 57,000 ineligible voters on the rolls.  Both the current Republican candidate for Governor (Ken Cuccinelli) and the current Republican Governor (Bob McDonnell) have won elections in the their careers by less than 570 votes, less than just one percent of those 57,000 ineligible voters the Democrats wanted to have kept on the voting rolls. 

As RNLA Virginia Chair Chris Marston stated:

Judge Hilton on Friday denied the Democratic Party of Virginia's bizarre petition to stop Virginia's election officials from removing from the voter rolls individuals who have left the state and registered to vote elsewhere. The professional staff at the Office of the Attorney General and the State Board of Elections ably defended Virginia's process for maintaining clean voter rolls. The public can have confidence that only those eligible to vote can cast ballots and no votes by ineligible voters will dilute the weight of their votes.

This was not a partisan victory but one for all legal voters in Virginia. 

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