Thursday, October 17, 2013

ICYMI-More Vote Fraud for the Left to Ignore

On Monday this week, Leonard Brown pleaded guilty to illegally voting FIVE times. 

A Milwaukee man pleaded guilty Monday to illegally voting five times last year in West Milwaukee, when in fact he did not have residency there. . . .

The guilty pleas involved votes in West Milwaukee in five prior elections. Brown was convicted of five felonies and now is prohibited from voting until his civil rights are restored.

Brown was one of ten charged.  The crimes were of all different types including voting twice, felon voting, signing parents names to a recall petition, and the circulator who apparently knowingly did it also pleaded guilty.  In other words, theses convictions involved all different types of vote fraud.  Yet the left would have you believe "voter impersonation" is the only type of fraud.  The story is here. 

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