Friday, September 6, 2013

Obomination: All Those Who Cry Racism on Voter ID are Wrong Again

The Atlanta Journal Constitution(AJC) editorializes correctly on the fact that Voter ID is not racist
Elections data reviewed by the AJC show that participation among black voters rose by 44 percent from 2006 — before the law was implemented — to 2010. For Hispanics, the increase for the same period was 67 percent. Turnout among whites rose 12 percent.
It was expected that African American turnout would spike in 2008, when Barack Obama became the first person of color to win the presidency. And it did rise to historic highs in Georgia.
Black participation fell in 2010, as it did for all demographic groups. Still, a far greater share of black voters turned out in 2010 than in 2006, showing that Obama was not the only factor driving turnout.
Time and time again it is shown that Voter ID does not suppress minority voting and that critics who use that false argument are playing the race card in an incendiary and purely political way. 
However, the article goes on to talk about zero fraudulent votes being cast when not even realizing that their own numbers show fraudulent voting efforts.  The AJC writes.
Still, the law has had real and measurable effect for some voters: Since November 2008, the ballots of 1,586 Georgians didn’t count because of the law. (They arrived at the polls without a photo ID, cast provisional ballots, and did not return later with the required ID.) Overall, 13.6 million votes were cast in the state during the same period.
What the AJC fails to realize is some of these 1586 votes were fraudulent and certainly not "Georgian voters."  The provisional ballot system worked.  Provisional ballots which were adopted in the bipartisan Help America Vote Act, allow for review of questionable ballots.  If these so-called “voters” wanted to vote they could have returned with ID or even received a free ID provided under Georgia law. 
They did not.  While there are a number of potential reasons for this, one of the reasons is they were not real Georgia voters.  For Voter ID not only stops “voter impersonation” it also stops out of state and out of precinct voters. 
Of those 1500+ people who turned away it strains credibility to say they all did not have IDs.  It should not be forgotten that in the Supreme Court case declaring ID constitutional, one of the plaintiffs herself had an ID from another state.  She was looking to be able to vote in two places. 
Voter ID is working in Georgia and is not disenfranchising voters.  The same is true everywhere.  It is time for Eric Holder and Democrat front groups like the Brennan Center to stop claiming otherwise. 

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