Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Are Vote Fraud Deniers Really Supporters of Vote Fraud?

Last week Christopher G. Adamo wrote a blistering piece criticizing Republicans and Democrats on the issue of voter ID.  In part he wrote:

The latest slow softball pitch that the Republicans could be hitting out of the park (They only lack the willingness to swing the bat) is the erupting controversy over voter identification laws. The simple, incontestable fact is that proper voter identification is the only means by which elections can be conducted honestly and objectively. And it is for this reason alone that the political left abhors the entire concept. . . .

In reality, voter identification laws only infringe on the ability to cheat by those who intend to cast multiple ballots, or who do not meet the qualifications to vote in a particular district. Regardless of how eloquently they rationalize it, Democrats who oppose voter ID support vote fraud.

While Adamo’s “red-meat” piece arguably uses too much hyperbole and leaves out the recent strong leadership of many Republicans such as southern Republican Governors Pat McCroy of North Carolina and Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and the courage of Democrats such as those in the Rhode Island legislature, his point is worth discussing.

This is exactly what the Democrats do not want to do.  It seems likely Democrats will never debate the merits of the issue of stopping vote fraud, whether it is list maintenance (Holder’s DOJ in the past has said it won’t do this as required by law) or voter ID.  Instead they discuss everything in false racial terms.  One must not forget that every fraudulent vote disenfranchise a real voter, black, brown, or white. 

One thing that cannot be debated, in every poll every taken on the issue, the American public supports common sense measures like Voter ID to stop vote fraud. 

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