Thursday, July 25, 2013

RNLA Member Lee Goodman Has His Hearing Before the Senate

Yesterday, RNLA Board of Governors Member Lee Goodman testified before the Senate Rules and Administration Committee after he was nominated to be a Commissioner on the Federal Election Commission. Along with Goodman, Ann Ravel, a Democrat and chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission testified after also being nominated for to be a Commissioner for the FEC.

Mr. Goodman was nominated on the recommendation of Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell. In his remarks he talked about his “deep and abiding respect for the American Political Process.” He then went into several points that he hoped to emphasize if he were to be confirmed:
1.    Strive to address legal and factual questions without partisan bias
2.    Strive to be fair
3.    Strive to be clear and transparent
4.    Strive to help people comply with election laws
5.    Strive to serve ethically with integrity and civility

Several Senators commented on Mr. Goodman’s impressive legal background in the field of election law and then went into describing the role both nominees would fill. Senator Blunt said an FEC Commissioner is akin to a referee.

Both assured the committee that, if confirmed, they would enforce election and campaign finance laws on the books and seek to improve transparency by updating the FEC's website.
"I'm committed to enforcement of the act," Goodman said. "I will not call balls and strikes differently for each party."
The FEC, was formed in 1975 and is the principal enforcer of federal election law and the public’s source for campaign finance reports and data. By law, no more than three of its six commissioners can represent the same political party.
Goodman stated that he and Ravel had agreed to work together to "improve the transparency and reporting on the FEC's website of campaign data," which he called "a bit dated and a bit clunky."

Currently, the FEC is operating with only five commissioners, three Republicans and two Democrats. Ravel would fill the empty seat vacated by former Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly, while Goodman would replace current Commissioner Donald McGahn, whose term has expired.

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