Monday, July 22, 2013

PA Voter ID Trial Hits Midpoint

The trial regarding the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's voter identification law
started last week and will continue this afternoon. Today will be the sixth day of what is expected to be a nine-day Commonwealth Court trial. Regardless of what happens in this trial, the losing party in this case is expected to appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

In a detailed report issued in July of last year, Philadelphia Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt found “hundreds of cases of voting irregularities” during the 2012 Primary election in that city, such as “voting by non-registered individuals, voting by individuals in the incorrect party’s primary, voter impersonation, voting by non-U.S. citizens,” and “voting more than once.”

The Governor’s Office is confident that “the law will stand up in court,” and points out that people can get an I.D. at any one of 71 offices throughout the state. In some cases, people don’t even need to provide any documents…or any written proof of who they claim they are, such as a utility bill, to get one.

“You don’t have to show anything, all you have to do is show up,” says Nils, Hagen-Frederiksen. Press secretary for the Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of General Counsel.

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