Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Does Joe Biden Think Jimmy Carter is Racist?

Vice President Joe Biden was ranting again the other night in Detroit.  While the comments he made were arguably not as bad as his past racist comments about African Americans or South-Asian Americans, it was an unscrupulous comment.   According to the Examiner, Biden “calls GOP ‘un-American’ over voter ID laws”:

But he took aim at Republican efforts to minimize election fraud through voter ID laws, claiming Republicans are working to suppress the vote.

"We're never going to yield to the will of the Republicans throughout this country who want to suppress ... the continued attempt to suppress the minority vote in this country, which is the single most un-American thing any party has done," he told Democrats at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner. "It is un-American to suppress the vote."

Since his party in the distant pass supported slavery, I guess voter ID is more "un-American" than slavery to Biden.  Looking further into his remarks I found another part particularly ironic because of this criticism of Republicans in that same speech:

“You know, folks, this is not your father’s Republican Party. This is not even Gerald Ford’s Republican Party.”

Right back at you Joe.  Your party today is not the party of the man who beat Gerald Ford in 1976, Jimmy Carter, when it comes to integrity, voting and politics.  President Carter would not stoop to your race baiting tactics (nor have your racist thoughts).  Further, President Carter not only disagrees with you for stating that voter ID equals suppression, President Carter actually supports Voter ID. 


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