Monday, March 25, 2013

Ten Charged with Vote Fraud in Milwaukee

Milwaukee prosecutors have filed charges against 10 people for vote fraud.  The charges vary, including felon voting, double voting, voting from the wrong precinct, voting from a previous address and signing petitions for others.

Leonard Brown, one of those charged, voted in person and then by absentee ballot in November’s election.  Chad Gigowski registered in more than one place and voted twice.  Apparently, he and a friend attempted to commit vote fraud in at least two locations.  Andrew L. Shepherd, who has been convicted of three felonies and Brittany Rainey who has one felony voted illegally.  Brian A. Uecker, Fozia H. Nawaz and Bill A. Di Giorgio of Germantown voted from the wrong precinct.

Caitlin B. Haycock, Jenny Wanasek and Deborah A. Mehling are charged with fraud involving Walker recall petitions.  Haycock signed her parents names and Wanasek accepted the fraudulent signatures.  Mehling had her daughter illegally collect signatures.

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