Monday, March 4, 2013

Attorney General Disrespects Congress

Attorney General Eric Holder told the media he doesn’t respect Members of Congress.  He indicated his lack of respect by noncompliance with a subpoena for documents, a stance which resulted in a vote of contempt from the House of Representatives.

In an interview with ABC News, Attorney General Eric Holder said, “But I have to tell you that for me to really be affected by what happened, I’d have to have respect for the people who voted in that way. And I didn’t, so it didn’t have that huge an impact on me.”

It was a bipartisan group of Representatives that voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt.  17 Democrats voted with Republicans on the contempt vote.

House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa said, “The Attorney General clearly believes he is above the law and is not accountable to the duly elected representatives of the American people or the institutions of our democracy.”  Chairman Issa was seeking documents from the DOJ related to Fast and Furious.

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